Sunday, 20 March 2011

Taro Hakase Japan Appeal Concert in London

Taro Hakase Japan Appeal Concert London from hikaru toda on Vimeo.

Taro Hakase was one of many people who organised charity events in support of Japan tsunami disaster.

The concert in the video took place in London 17.03.2011.

The message is to raise awareness of the importance of willingness to support those in need, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the act maybe.

I hope to contribute in a small way through means that are available to me. If you can spread the message of support to those who need it the most, by linking the video to other sites, downloading it and showing it anywhere available to you, that would be amazing!

I know there are arguments against donating to a wealthy country like Japan from the perspective of many N.G.O's primary purpose being to help those in developing countries. There are many factors involved in why people would part with their money for a cause and I think it is entirely up to the choice of the individual to decide how and what they contribute to which cause. If we can encourage the act of giving, regardless of whether the country's government has a bigger budget to deal with disasters in such scale, to help the individuals who need basic things such as food, clothes, and fuel to survive through the tough times facing them ahead, it can only be a good thing.

After all Non Governmental Organisations are there to support individuals in need, not the governments that are not necessarily the best equipped to help the people on the ground. Surely, N.G.O works are aimed to reaching as many people as possible who need aid. It seems a bit twisted to me to equate individual sufferings to the wealth of a country.

Anyhow, thanks for watching, please do spread the positive message of the act of giving, either in materials, time, hugs or just a few kind words... 

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