Monday, 14 February 2011

Philippe Parreno @ Sepentine Gallery

So I am exporting and have time to kill while FCP cuts me out of all of its other functions. They should really try to fix that...
Anyway, I went to this exhibition on its last day and am glad I managed to make it. I'm breaking out of the usual pattern of earmarking places and events to go and realizing I missed them months after. Let's try keeping up with my wants and curiosities.

I really liked how he used the space of Serpentine Gallery to herd us audience through one projection to another, guiding us with sounds both part of the projection and of the gallery and its surroundings. One annoying thing was that after each projection you are given about a minute and a half according to my own rough estimation to get yourself to the other projection space before the second one starts. This gives you very little time to enjoy the fake snow falling outside the window with the backdrop of Kensington gardens misty with early evening rain, revealed as the shutters open to announce the end of the projection, or the people wandering off and meandering around the space in silhouettes, whispering their way to the next destination. I like watching still people against the background of moving light or moving people casting shadows on the perforated screen making it a bit translucent but not if you don't squint.

Oh export finished. Better get back to work.

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