Thursday, 10 February 2011

will be sleeping furiously

Sleep Furiously (2008) Gideon Koppel

Watched this nicely titled doc by Gideon Koppel. I like the name, it's baffling and fitting at the same time. Will you be sleeping furiously during the film? Maybe, if you are one for epic plots and mazes of narratives. Or is he challenging us not to by suggesting it in the title, to us rebellious type of audience...? Maybe, either way anyway. Aphex Twin provides the soundtrack to the calming landscapes of a Welsh village I forget the name.

My type of doc. It's nice to see the way someone observes their environment can reveal such a gentle and loving gaze. Placing oneself at a distance as if coming closer will break the vulnerable veneer of the people and the village moving in slow pace in the quickly changing times.

I like it because I know I look at and present things in a completely different way. I find his way pleasing to watch but challenging to do myself. But I appreciate it, and know I need to learn to be patient in seeing things so discovery can follow that can't be found through flickering ways that I normally see things. Need to zap out of my zapping ways!

There are many animals in it too. Can't go wrong with cute little animals. Piglets mistaking mama pig's ass for her milky nipples and agitated dogs and too cool for everything cats. I almost peed with excitement when John managed to herd his 3 sheeps into the gated compound as part of a competition. The judges observing John's struggle cheer him on secretly from their seats in the truck parked off-field, giving a modest woohoo when he finally manages. Yay John and his dog! Oh forgot to say, spoiler alert!

And so I sign off my first blog. Need to click preview and i imagine i should do some layouting or something? let's see...


  1. Break down the challenge you so appreciate seeing into steps you will manage and may even end up surprising yourself, with bit of faith, patience will come to thee.

    look fwd to your next read.

  2. zip-zap-zop. i have a similar way of thinking. i can barely grasp my own thoughts. i remember a few conversations with you that were so revealing, and as soon as i stepped away from them, the thoughts zapped out of my head. why are we so disconnected from our thoughts?

  3. Nicely written my ziipizappy love.

  4. oh my first readers, welcome!
    The whole zapping business seems to have caught your attention the most. Is it because it's the symptom of us from the inter-generational generation who still remember hand-writing letters and essays but made a moderately smooth transition to life among computers and gadgets early enough to be considered bilingual in both analogue/digital language? (Will i really get brain tumor from sleeping with my laptop right next to my pillow? / is it bad that I find both reading and concentrating to audiobooks hard these days?/ Is it justifiable that I feel too young to be nostalgic about the good 'ol days...?)

    Is it appropriate to end a post with a question mark without appearing pompous but thoughtful at the same time?